Photo: Dmitri Slepovitch

“Ikh halt dikh far dayn hant, nor ikh tants nokh mayn takt. I hold you by the hand, but I dance to my own rhythm.” Bronya Sakina, (1910-1988)

Balancing individual expression and community togetherness, traditional Yiddish dance is as beautiful as it is fun. With plenty of room for variation, these are dances that everyone can enjoy together. Avia instills her workshops with a sense of tradition while exploring contemporary approaches to the style.

Avia grew up dancing, a child of the folk music scene in Western Canada. As a young child at family dances led by her own family, she used to pride herself on dancing every dance. Over the years Avia has performed with several folk dance performance groups, including Balada Romanian Folkdance Ensemble (Edmonton).

Avia teaches workshops and leads dancing at festivals and events internationally.


St Petersburg, Russia, 2009. Photo: Maxim Zaytsev.

KlezKanada, the Ashkenaz Festival (Canada), International Dance Flurry Festival (Saratoga Springs, New York), Zlatne Uste Golden Festival (New York), Jewish Community Center in St Petersburg (Russia), Internationales Klezmer Festival F├╝rth (Germany), Yiddish Summer Weimar (Germany), KlezNorth (England), the Montreal Jewish Music Festival (Canada), the Montreal Baroque Festival (Canada).

Montreal, Toronto, New York, Baltimore, London, Paris, Boston, Krakow